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At Evanex (the next generation evolution in Cosmetic Industry) we delve into age-old ancient, authentic, yogic methodologies broadly relying on Sushruta Samhita the Vedic scripture, which mentions recipes, procedures, and ingredients of ancient Ayurvedic herbs to treat tridoshas. We combine this wealth with modern ethical scientific research in the field of cosmetic science.

NEXGEN COSMO SECRETS, packaged at our world-class manufacturing facilities, strictly follow the standards of the world's best Cosmeceutical grade production. The products on offer have the perfect blend of authentic Ayurveda and modern research, thereby providing you the regenerative ancient scientific formulations. It’s our constant endeavor to provide products that instill reliability, trust, and faith in consumers. We adhere to our ethical commitment to respect human, ethnic, and environmental diversities while designing our products.


We tirelessly strive at Evanex to create and package reliable products with utmost quality and purity which cater to the individual beautification and healing requirements.

Nitin Agarwal

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Sushruta Samhita

Sushruta Samhita is an ancient scripture known to be 1 of 3 major pillars of  Ayurveda with solutions to all the inner and outer body issues of the human body.  This scripture is also part of Atharva Veda.

The Sushruta Samhita is not limited to surgery alone; it also covers various aspects of Ayurvedic medicine. It discusses principles of Ayurveda, such as doshas (the three fundamental energies or humors), the importance of diet and lifestyle in maintaining health, and the use of herbs and other natural remedies.

The Sushruta Samhita is not only a scientific and medical document but also a cultural and historical treasure. It reflects the rich heritage of Indian medicine and the contributions of ancient Indian scholars to the global understanding of healthcare




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